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Featured Scotch

Glen Rothes

Select Reserve, 43% alc.

Blenders have always prized this malt, but it has never been perceived as a whisky that should be promoted as a single. It is hard to see why. Glenrothes (the name is rendered as one word or two), is a malt full of flavour. Perhaps the blenders’ admiration is partly for its performance at the relatively young age of eight.

It is remarkably precocious in a sherry-tinged bottling, at this age a rich and sweet whisky.

Here at the pub, we have the 15-year-old version, vintage-dated. The label boasts of delicate peaty undertones, and the whisky delivers them.

Has the peat emerged with age, or was the distillery using a more heavily peated malt 15 years ago?

Producer: Highland Distillers
Region: Highlands
District: Speyside (Rothes)
House style: Perfumy, sweet, spicy-fruity. After dinner.
Colour: Full gold to amber.
Nose: Sweetshop, "Licorice Allsortrs".
Body: Medium to full, syrupy.
Palate: Round, creamy. Sweetish, with suggestions of raisins, dates and licorice.
Finish: Licorice, Rooty dryness
Score: 80
Source: Michael Jackson’s Malt Whisky Companion